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What have we done for the pride?

We were active participants in the 2019 pride parade. We organized a calendar event What The Folks which saw the attendance of seventy rainbow parents and their children. This promises to be an annual event to be held every republic day,  26 January.

Emergency Response

COVID 19 Relief. Calls. Emails. Social media

During this hour of crisis as COVID-19 sweeps the globe, the ones affected the worst are the marginalised.

The Jimme Foundation along with Kranti and Citizens for Justice and Peace came to the aid of 270 sex workers in Kamathipura and has been able to tide them over with rations for sixty days.

During this time we also received calls from distressed pet owners, those dealing with isolation, depression and those trapped with abusive families.

While we’re locked down, We’ve been seeing to it that we carry  frank and honest conversations from a distance: on body image, mental health, animal welfare and general well being in the time of this crisis.

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