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Animal Welfare

The name of our organisation stands testimony to our commitment towards the welfare of animals. Jimme was a dog, and he lives in spirit through this organisation that stands for helping hoomans and animals achieve their free spirits, full potential and a completely fulfilling life. We will be deploying an integrated approach in our awareness and education modules to encourage a cruelty free and environmentally conscious life.

Animal Assisted Therapy

We firmly believe that companion animals can play a vital role in shaping our beliefs. We believe that goodness is truly dogsent and when we need to bless someone we quip “dogbless”

Community Based Animal Welfare

Communities live together stay together. The onus of the stray animals in an area, would be well managed if there are kind humans sharing a deeply symbiotic relationship with the animals. While the animals provide love, companionship and security for residential welfare societies and colonies, the hoomans there could return the favour by ensuring that they are looked after well and vaccinated,  and that they are sterlised so that their numbers  are kept in control. We intend to increase more empathy with more lessons on compassion in schools, colleges and RWAs.

Animal Adoption

Companion Animals like cats and dogs have been our family for ages. All pet animals, pedigree or mixed, deserve equal love and empathy. There are several animals that are dumped ruthlessly in the streets by careless owners and several more that are already living  a dangerous life in the streets. The want for pedigree pups has encouraged a puppy mill trade by some, where female dogs are kept in deplorable conditions to keep breeding till they are finally abandoned or die. We strongly advocate for adoption of companion animals of all breeds, with special focus on Indies.

Farm Animal Welfare

Over centuries we have realised that all animals experience pain and joy as much as we humans and our companion animals do. This is true with farm animals, many of whom are bred for food. We at The Jimme Foundation believe that every animal deserves a natural life of dignity that’s free of violence from human beings. For people embarking on the journey towards a more compassionate approach to life in general, that includes veganism, we encourage you to at the least start by joining movements like #MeatLessMondays. For staunch non-vegetarians, we appeal to begin with consumption of meat and eggs that comes from cage free farms so that the animals live a life where they don’t have to endure cramped cages and live in freer (if not completely free) environments before they are slaughtered. 

RESEARCH ON Human Abuse and Animal Abuse correlation

There are studies in the US and in other parts of the world that draws a direct correlation between perpetuating animal abuse and human related crimes.  We intend to have an Indian specific study to test the research hypothesis in the Indian context.

If we get the same results, we could use this for furthering humanity based approaches and also further legal systems for more empathy towards animals.

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PROJECT : IyerJis Farms

Dr Shyamraj Iyer, a homeopathic specialist by calling, has been caring for a hundred odd creatures at Dr Iyer’s Animal shelter in Dalonda, Thane. The inmates include felines, canines, bunnies, ducks, goats, turkeys and hens. The premises were established 18 years ago. Even so, today he is the only one who takes care of these lives on a full time basis.

The Jimme Foundation has pledged support to Iyerji’s Farms and we will be constantly in touch with Dr. Iyer helping him raise funds for better infrastructure, medicines and care for the inmates.

Personally, each one of us will be contributing volunteer hours to Dr. Iyer’s wonderful institution.

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