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What We Do

Child Abuse Awareness

In 2012, the protection of children from sexual offences act (POCSO)  was introduced. The act recognises both contact and non contact abuse and also has prescribed a lot of procedures and provisions to ensure mental and physical safety of the child and speedy justice.

Animal Welfare

The name of our organisation stands testimony to our commitment towards the welfare of animals. Jimme was a dog, and he lives in spirit through this organisation that stands for helping hoomans and animals achieve their free spirits, full potential and a completely fulfilling life. We will be deploying an integrated approach in our awareness and education modules to encourage a cruelty free and environmentally conscious life.

Gender and Sexuality

We were active participants in the 2019 pride parade. We organized a calendar event What The Folks which saw the attendance of seventy rainbow parents and their children. This promises to be an annual event to be held every republic day,  26 January.

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