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Outreah @ Yash

A compulsive doodler and an avid blogger, the images and words I form help me metamorphose my imagination and take them to the real world. I am a small but significant fry from the land that’s more than kebabs and nawabs – Lucknow. As a child, I had the good fortune of spending my life running through the length and breadth of the country defence quarters of all shapes and sizes, some with rooms big enough to contain the enthusiasm for many a creative endeavour. This drew me close to being an architect. Though I dropped out from architecture school to pursue communication, I continue to keep my interests of childhood alive. After all, I won the first prize for drawing an ice-cream cone in Kindergarten and was once a Rooster for fancy-dress. I love doing something creative and quirky every time. It gives me real happiness! 


Happiness is a self-multiplier and sometimes it eludes us. At the risk of sounding too cliché, I think understanding what makes me happy motivates me. I found the space to be happy with my family at The Jimme Foundation and it is our collective endeavour that we inch towards true equality where people realize that there is enough space for everyone to be who they are and who they wish to be. 

I really believe that humankind is the voice and ears of the universe. Mostly because we really seem to have evolved complex ways and means of expression. I believe that when, in a later age, we reflect on the times in which we presently live we’ll call us an age of expression.

speaking of expressions, I am very useful around firesides. That’s because I’m always ready with a guitar and a fireside song ::)  

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