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I am a revelation. A revelation of a story that’s untold. Maybe you heard it before, but it has never been told the way it’s told now. They live in me – all these stories, waiting for a life of their own… longing to be told through my words, impersonation and emotion.  I am a storyteller, that’s what I would love to call my self  (Yeah! That’s a legit title). I tell stories, either through my music, through my art, or through my acting, or my TEDx talks – I unfurl myself in all domains and build my own unique rainbow in the sky. Speaking of rainbows – I am a free and fierce voice for LGBTQIA activism. It is my community. I am queer enough to be as fluid as ever… free flowing and all encompassing.  I identify sometimes as male, sometimes are female, sometimes both and sometimes neither.

I am just out of my teens and understand that my generation shoulders the responsibility of constructing new paradigms for the society. It falls upon me to stand a part of the crowd yet apart from the crowd and change lives at the grassroots of humanity by ensuring equity and equality.

Equality to me means respecting the basic rights of all irrespective of whether they speak or bark or don’t speak at all. True equality is the crumbling down of psychological and physical barriers. Any talk about bringing a change in social structures is futile without an intersectional approach to action plans.

Speaking of action plans… there is someone in my life whose plan is to have a lot of action.  (not the way you are thinking) I am referring to my canine child Leo.  Leo was rescued from the floods, and now floods me with son-like love and makes my partner Sanjana and I feel very parently.

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