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Many hats rest firmly on my sexy bald head, and I love every one of them. To put  in simple words –  in 2001 I became the co-parent of a super speciality genetic and genomic testing organinsation called Lilac Insights and in the fag-end of 2019, when I was bestowed with the opportunity to co-found The Jimme Foundation – I jumped right in (as a bonus, I get to write my own profile in this sacred space).

The profile “Helming my enterprise after a life of variety in leadership roles at for profit multinationals” seems as good as any to take to the grave but my deepest convictions do not let me rest. An immersion in the diversity of beliefs and ways of life is the way ahead for my not-so-old soul.  

I think to start anything one needs oodles of passion, a strong conviction and tremendous amount of belief that things would workout in the end, irrespective of how many twists and turns it takes. Surgeon-steady hands and bold minds are needed to reach the point of acceptance and celebration of the most authentic form of ourselves.  

At The Jimme Foundation we strive to take ourselves from awareness to acceptance of variance of sexuality, gender, and other selves. I firmly believe that awareness of an issue is good for a preliminary understanding. However, for awareness to be augmented by acceptance is surely the way forward. Such is the challenge that The Jimme Foundation undertakes. This takes more years of committed work, filled to the brim with empathy, beyond the call of duty.

Dreams can become realities, and for this dream, I am glad that I am able to play a key role. This fills me with pride, but also humbles me towards the realization that I have an opportunity bestowed by life: to live and encourage liveliness around me, rather than merely existing.  

Speaking of life in all its magnanimity – what’s life if not an amalgamation infinitesimally small fragments of melodious capsules? Maybe, as a graduate in Microbiology, I tend to look at small and understand how big every small thing is when looked through the lens.

In my personal life, I am a heterosexually married man. (why should gay marriage be gay marriage, and heterosexual marriage, just marriage?) My wife Renu is my lifeline and my strength, that is further strengthened by our kids. My daughter Ria is a genderqueer person and the reason why I got acquainted to the LGBTIQ community so closely. My son Leo, is our canine boy. I think Leo enables within me a deeper understanding of my life, and consequently, encourages me to be more sensitive in sundry relationships. 

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