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The Founding Team


Harish is one of the boldest voices on animal welfare and LGBTIQA+ rights in India, helping move SC’s position on the infamous section 377. Harish is the chief executive at The Jimme Foundation.


Gulshan is the enterprising parent of the wellness forever chain of retail pharmaceutical and lifestyle outlets. Gulshan is the overarching force of guidance and processes at The Jimme Foundation.


Rakesh helms Lilac insights, a genomic testing organization where he works with specialists from diverse backgrounds. Rakesh leads operations at The Jimme Foundation.


Ria is an LGBTQIA+ Youth Activist ,a public speaker and a storyteller . Ria heads everything social at The Jimme Foundation.


Yash doodles, croons and is a voracious reader. He stands up for people with mental health challenges. Yash is a lifetime volunteer with The Jimme Foundation.

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