Stories are a lifebook of emotions and experiences

Ubiquitous but untold stories of emotions

The whims of memories struck me as I started to think about those precious moments I have had in my life. I eschewed some of them . Some I embraced. I soon realized how precious these were .  We wanted to capture such stories of people with emotions imbued in them… Emotions which cannot be gauged. 

       Assistance By Renu Sharma 

“While becoming the primary caregiver for my mother in law , i unknowingly taught my kids to be more compassionate, patient and empathic”

Everyone deserves a dignified life. With time as our parents and relatives age, we tend to separate our lives from them. We Often start ignoring their needs as they age and their geriatric requirements increase. Many of them live in complete isolation without any emotional or psychological support throughout this period of their life.

My daughter observed me as I took care of my aging mother in law with a history of a psychiatric problem. With time she became sensitive and empathetic towards the needs of others  . While on the other hand i have to agree that i myself became a better human being with a much fostered patience and empathy.  

We as empathetic and responsible individuals should make sure that we arrange for the needs of the elderly and keep a check on their physical as well as emotional needs albeit not compromising on our own mental health. Everybody  should seek assistance in taking care of their psychological state. 

Renu Sharma along with her mother in law Krishnadevi Sharma

Compassion by Vatsal 

“In my graduation I was made conversant with a chapter on how Shri Raja Ram Mohan Roy used journalism to fight for the Indian Freedom Movement. That day I made up my mind to initiate a revolution myself by starting  India’s 1st ever print Vegan Magazine to fight for the rights of the animals. Everything else is a history……” 

It all started with my first rescue of a severely injured and abandoned dog near my college. I could not help but rescue that dog who was in a trauma of a horrible accident. With time, helping such animals who are suffering in pain or are abandoned became a pattern. The more I advocated for animal rights, I got acquainted with supportive people around the country who were connected to the cause of animals and environment. 

Soon afterwards I was exposed to the lifestyle of veganism. My reason to go vegan was to stop contributing towards the unnecessary murder of animals for food, cloth, entertainment or anything. The vegan magazine which we started back in 2019 was all about narrating inspirational stories of heroes who turned vegan and contributed to the cause of environment balance. Our mission is to sensitise as many people as possible about the violence and cruelty against animals that goes unreported most of the time. 

My contention is that It takes nothing but kindness towards animals to break the cycle of animal violence. Rather than the slaughter of humans , this is the infamous Holocaust of animals; repeating the history of bloodshed again. Animals matter like humanity does .

A quote I believe and follow is :

‘ You are never too weak or wounded to fight if the cause is greater than your life ‘ told by  Chriss J Nduka

A hooman holding a paw of their Dog

Splitends by Mx. Ria 

“I had not felt more liberated before that day. It felt as if I was finally one with my soul now….”

From childhood I was in mayhem about my identity. In a confusion to choose between the supposed sanity of being a typical feminine girl for the sake of societal acceptance or to accept it myself that I was different and will eventually be called a rebel. At 15 and a half years old I chose the latter.

I chose to disobey one of the primary norms of being a girl by cutting my long hair, shaving them from the sides and getting a buzz line at the partition. I was ready for resistance from people around me . Though It was high time that I started doing things which would make me feel more comfortable with myself. Along with the haircut came liberation; liberation from conforming; liberation from limited mindsets; liberation from the entrapment. 

Though now I have learnt to embrace both femininity and masculinity, back then haircut became my own tool to escape from my dysphoria. 

There’s one thing that everybody should know: Different is Legitimate.

Mx. Ria feeling liberated after cutting their hair short

Mother beyond species by Sanjana 

“Until leo came into my life, i felt that i was incapable of love. But when he came, I knew my life was to change thereafter. I wasn’t spiritual but i knew that i had finally found my  god  ” 

I was reluctant about mothering a pet myself; a responsibility which we must not incumbent upon ourselves. Spending time with some of them for a short period was very different from having one as a part of my family. But suddenly someone strode into my life with his tiny paws and hopeful eyes to change everything for me.

When a year back Kolhapur was hit by a terrible flood, we got a notification that a puppy had been rescued and was to be brought to mumbai. Ria sent me his picture and I was struck by a sudden desire to meet him. A desire to hold him into my arms. A  desire that he would accept me as a mother.  

After quite a while apart, leo was finally brought to our home . He was delicate, malnourished and weak. To an extent that his bones were visible and he had a hard time to sit properly. He came out of a green basket and slowly started walking towards me. I was hypnotized by his deep and innocent eyes as he climbed on my lap, adjusted himself and slept there peacefully. That moment, I knew he was my son and now I had to play the role of a comforting and caring mother . All my inhibitions about having a pet went away. 

He brought with himself luck for the entire family. More than anything he taught us selfless love, compassion and empathy. Leo is an emotional therapist to everyone in the family. To me, he means the world. To me, he is my god. 

Leo gets a treat from his mother

Binding By Jazz 

“Living in a society which labels everything; from humans to clothes, I constantly felt invalid because of my identity. I was unable to connect with my reflection. I scouted for liberation and freedom from my dysphoria and soon a momentary escape came in the form of binders ……”

Few years back I realised that I was living a life of pretension. I looked at myself and I knew it didn’t seem right . Soon I discovered what gender dysphoria was and  I was prepared for the journey to be hard and tricky.  

From the start I certainly did not like some parts of my body. Chest being one of the primary causes of my discomfort . When I consulted some people about it they said that it was a phase and it would end.   But as time passed by, more difficulties set in and I started feeling more suffocated. A momentary solution came across- Binders. That expensive equipment to help me cope up with dysphoria but at the same time that which could cause me extreme physical pain. They are recommended to be used 8 or 10 hours a day and only 5 days a week. My discomfort with my body was a regular affair and I started using it every day for even longer hours .

Binders are uncomfortable and I never liked wearing them. The discomfort of my body was more suffocating than the pain it caused me, thus I never quit wearing them. Everyone around me has always been curious about my identity. Being targeted and catcalled has become a pattern and people like me have now got habitual to it. 

From the expensive binders that not everyone can afford to the difficulties we face while going to the washroom of our choice , the mainstream society and the facilities that it provides is inaccessible for people like me. We need a society where we don’t have to compromise on the basics of our living. 

A person binding their breasts to feel more comfortable in their body

Acceptance by Nishita

“When my parents accepted me, i knew i was ready and equipped to fight with the world…..”

Born in a milieu as India’s , parental acceptance can be a rocky experience . Many of such parents are imbued with a thought that homosexuality is abnormal and a child is ill if they are one. On the other side their idea of gender is limited to the fixed binaries of a man and a woman with typical gender expression and lifestyle; anything beyond the traditional expression would be infamy. And because of this, many lgbt + individuals have a tough time coping up with their identities and the concomitant mental health issues. 

Traditionally we hold much respect and love for our parents. While we may disagree with them on a lot of things , at the end of the day we consider them as most important. I was fortunate to have accepting parents who understood me and the community with a wider lenses and perspective. Half my battle was won when my parents accepted my identity and stood by me in this battle.

A parent and child holding hands

These are some stories of emotions. Lets tell more such stories, lets express more such emotions !

Special Thanks to the contributors of the stories.

Articles written and edited by Mx. Ria

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