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About Jimme

The Jimme Foundation is a Navi Mumbai based not-for-profit.  It was envisaged by our co-founder, equal rights activist Harish Iyer as an organization that believes that there is an empath within all of us. During his struggle with sexual abuse as a child, Harish’s dog Jimme was always there to lick his tears. Facing inhuman treatment at the hands of humans, a dog had the empathy to sit by Harish’s side and radiate love like only canines can.

Two decades down the line, the Jimme Foundation was born with co-founders Gulshan Bhaktiani and Rakesh Sharma as a section 8 company. We take on the challenge of  instilling the sensitivity of Jimme the dog within humans. Today, we work towards bridging the gap between students and instructors, between corporates and employees and between crisis responders and beneficiaries.

Our  aim is to help institutions and individuals become centers of equal opportunities and flagbearers of equality. Respect and dignity is the inalienable right of every individual and insensitivity is a deterrence to this right.

We abide by the maxim ‘the onus of inclusion lies on the included.’ In other words, an organization that celebrates the diversity of its resource people will never cease to be a force for good. We aim to sensitize care takers, train first responders and ensure equitable habitat for all beings. To this end, we are engaged towards sensitizing students of various colleges in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. We also present talks on gender and sexuality at corporates and schools. Our larger goal is to Introduce a sensitivity education at the state and national level as a part of the curriculum.

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